One of the ways to increase the probability of winning from sports betting is to seek advice from a professional tipster.

But with so many options how can you find the best one? The best way is to use third-party platforms that connect tipsters with bettors. The most popular are:

  1. Tipstrr
  2. Betmarkets
  3. SmartBettingClub
  4. Bettingods
  5. Betaminic

But before jumping into them let’s see why should anyone seek the advice of a betting tipster.

 What are the main reasons for hiring a betting tipster?


Learning how to trade the betting markets can be time-consuming.

Not everyone will have the time or the dedication to start analyzing the betting markets. Furthermore, not everyone will have the skills to do so.

In order to place informative bets you have to make extensive research every day. Sports betting is a real business and needs to be treated as so if the goal is to produce profits.

So if you cannot dedicate time or if you simply don’t want to, then subscribing to a tipster may be the best solution for you. Profitable tipsters have dedicated their professional careers to following
sports events and have already done the hard work for you.

Having More Information

People that work as tipsters are very knowledgeable in their respective sports fields. This means that they can offer you expert information, which can help you gain some advantage over the bookmakers.

You simply can’t be an expert on all sports or on all the teams of a specific country. It is reasonable to search for tipsters that follow specific leagues if you want to bet in such markets.

Earning More Money

Betting is all about making as much money as you can. Following advice from a good betting tipster should increase the number of winning bets for you.

Double Check Your Opinions

One of the benefits of working with a betting tipster is that you always have access to a second opinion. If they are a trustworthy source, you can share your ideas with them and ask if they agree with you or they think that you should adjust something in your bet.

Which are the best tipping services?

1# Tipstrr

Tipstrr is a respected betting platform that has been online since 2014. The site act as a middleman between tipster and bettors who are in need of a tipping service. It is the platform that I use to verify my tipping service.

The main benefit of tipstrr is transparency. No one can manipulate the results as the odds are coming from the bookmakers in real-time and the results are automatically settled after the end of each event. So if you find someone that has a good record of results for many years you can be rest assured that this tipster is worth joining.

tipstrr tipsters

The only disadvantage of the platform is that they have predefined markets and bookmakers meaning that if you do not have access to them you may not be able to find the suggested odds in your local bookies. Also if you like to bet on specific markets such as corners you will not be able to find bets as those markets are not supported by the platform.

Tipstrr do not have a fixed price as the other platforms. Every tipster sets its own pricing and the platform handles the payments and the delivery of the bets. You can find from free tipsters to services that cost around 50£ per month. Almost every tipster offers a trial and also the site offers credits to users as a promotion from time to time. That way you can test every tipster without having to pay anything. You can try my tipping service on tipstrr for just 2£ for a week.

billgkrtips on tipstrr


Betmarkets is an innovative platform that connects betting tipsters to potential bettors.

The uniqueness of the platform is that you do not have to place any bets. You deposit funds to your  account and allocate them to the pool of the tipsters on the site. When the selected tipster is sending a pick, the bet is placed on behalf of you by betmarkets in their betting partners based on the predefined staking plan.

betmarkets tipsters

The main benefits of the platform are:

  • Time-saving. You do not have to place any bets by yourself. All you have to do is to find the tipsters that suit your betting style and decide how much you are going to allocate to them.
  • Transparency. All the odds placed and the overall profitability of each tipster is easily accessible to the betmarkets platform.
  • Profitability. The available tipsters are some of the most respected in the industry. The site conducts a strict admission process before accepting any potential tipster.
  • No limitations. One of the main obstacles you have to overcome in order to become a long term winner in betting is bookmaker limitation. At betmarkets you overcome that as the payments are made by them and not a bookmaker. They are placing the bets on behalf of you in their betting partners and if they win the profits are allocated to members.
  • Closing line. Betmarkets is the only platform that tracks the odds suggested in comparison to the closing lines which is one of the key metrics to judge the long-term profitability of a tipster. If someone is beating the closing line constantly you can be sure that he will make you a profit in the long run.
  • No fees after losing months. Another great feature is that you do not have to pay anything if the tipster is losing after a three month period. You only share with them 20% of the profits the tipster made for you in that 3 month period.

In general, Betmarkets is giving a solution to every possible problem that you can face when following tipsters. From bookie limitation to bet tracking and transparency all these are solved.

With a 100 euros minimum deposit, you can start testing the platform and the available pool of tipsters.

3# SmartBettingClub

Smartbttingclub is a respected betting community that has been around since 2006. Their main focus is to identify profitable betting tipsters and they provide their findings to their susbcribers.

The benefits that you get a SmartBettingClub member are:

  • Publications. You receive 6 magazines per year with many information such as tipster review, betting systems and strategies and generally everything you need to know on how to make money from sports betting. At any time you will have access to all the material published since the start of the service, back in 2006.
  • Tipster reviews. You get to know everything about all the tipsters that are proofing their service in SmartBettingClub. You get tipster league tables, overall profitability, rating and generally everything that you need to know about the performance of every tipster.
  • Bet Diary Pro. Follow the betting journey of an in-house gambler. You will gent info on which tipster service he uses in order to make mone from betting.
  • Free tipster access. Get free tips from selected tipsters inside the SmartBettingClub community.
  • Tipster savings. Get discounts on the very best tipsters of the community.

It is in their best interest to provide valuable information to their members so their tipster reviews are 100% independent and not affiliated.

The value the you  are getting more than justifies the money spend to get access to their community. For less than 10 pounds per month you may found some tipster gems in their database.

smartbettingclub pricing

4# Bettinggods

Bettinggods is a respected betting tips provider that has been online for many years. The more than 500 hundred positive reviews on Trustpilot say something about the credibility of the site.

a bettinggods tipster profile

The site has a network of tipsters that provide tips for football, horse racing, basketball and other sports. Bettingods works in a transparent way and all the tips are verified and fully tracked. They claim to have a strict selection process as every tipster has to prove his results for a period of 6 months before being able to start his service at bettingods.

The pricing to subscribe is very similar to tipstrr with the cost being around 30£ per month for every tipster. For every tipster you can get a trial of £1.99 for a 15 days. Upon signing up you also get a selection of free tips every day in order to get an idea of how the site and the tipsters work.

If you are looking for a credible network of tipsters then Bettinggods is worth joining.

5# Betaminic

Betaminic is a site that helps you to create winning betting strategies or copy proved strategies from other members with the help of big data. Betaminic has a database of more than 100000 football games since 2012 from 54 countries and you have free access to them through the Betamin Builder tool.

By comparing past results Betaminic helps you find patterns that have worked in the past. You can create your own strategies or you can follow others in the Public strategies section. If you find a strategy that works for you you can follow it by purchasing a picks package with the cost of one pick to vary from 0.69 to 1.19  € depending on how many picks you purchase. When a strategy has a possible selection an email is sent to you and the available pick balance is reduced.

The profits of the winning strategies are calculated with the Pinnacle closing odds which is always a plus for long-term profitability without worrying about getting gubbed by the bookmakers. The picks are 100% transparent and easily accessible to everyone.

betaminic strategies

What I like about Betaminic is that it is not the typical tipping service but it also enables you to create your own strategies. Getting access to this huge database of stats for free makes Betaminic a must-have tool for everyone who wants to gets involved in sports betting.

How to Avoid Bad Tipsters?

The age of the Internet provided people with new opportunities for jobs all around the globe. However, as you are probably aware, it also gave scammers a low-risk platform for robbing people of their money.

Betting tipsters are no different in this regard. Some will be total professionals that you love to work with, while the others could make your life miserable and your wallet empty. So, how can you spot the difference between good and bad tipsters?

Their Results Must be Available

Any credible betting tipster should have a precise and easily checkable record of their past tips. They should also offer their key performance stats, like the profit/loss ratio, yield, ROI, comparison to closing odds, and others.

Also, make sure that all their bets are presented there. No matter how skilled a tipster is, there have to be some lost bets on the list. If there aren’t any, they are hiding them. This means that there’s a high chance of that tipster being deceitful. You should avoid them without any second thoughts.

Inside Information Always Sounds Fishy

This is the favorite trick of any scammer. Just claim that you have something that no one else has and charge good money for the information.

The tipsters that claim to know a fixed match are almost always just baiting people. If someone had definite information on how some match will end, they themselves would bet a huge
amount of money on that happening. They wouldn’t bother with spreading the news for some change.

A legit tipster will always be backed with statistics and a huge experience in understanding the game, not with sudden ear-to-ear information.

How Consistent Are They?

You should always be careful when you come across betting tipsters that often change their approach to tipping. This is usually signaled by stopping and restarting their service or making some huge changes in the way they work. Also, changes in the staking plan should be a red flag.

You may especially notice this just after they had a bad streak. If they are changing their strategy all the time, they definitely aren’t credible enough for you to put your funds on the line.

The ability to handle losses in sports betting is one of the key components of a winning betting mindset, and a reliable tipster should master that ability.

Selling Others Tips

This is a hard one to notice, but a betting tipster that’s just copying some other tipster’s knowledge could be very problematic.

The main issue is that they give you information with a considerable delay. This means that you won’t always have the opportunity to get the available odds – they could already be lowered.

For more information about profitable tipsters, you can read my article about the key characteristics of a profitable betting tipster.


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