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About betburger

Betburger has been established as one of the best arbitrage betting providers since its inception, back in 2014. The software scans a huge variety of sports and markets (both pre-match and live) from more than 100 bookmakers. During its existence, it has gained great popularity among arbitrage bettors.

If you don’t know what arbitrage betting is you can check my articles here.

Betburger features

Betburger works directly through your browser.  All the essential arb info and calculators are easily accessible to the user.

betburger interface

You may sort your arbs layout according to the following categories:

Percent – by percent, from incremental to decrescent.
Age – by date,  from new to old ones
Beginning time – by beginning time
Middles – by middles
ROI – by “investment yield”

If you click on an event you can find other available arbs from that event. The software has an easy to use calculator with many useful functions. The calculator allows you to round the stakes, calculate bookmaker commission, select the currency you want, compare the odds of other bookies and many others.

betburger calculator

If you click on the bin you can delete a surebet from the scanner with four ways: hide arb, hide event, hide event with a particular bookmaker, delete bookmaker’s outcome. All deleted arbs and outcomes are going to be displayed in the sidebar menu.

The scanner shows the direction of bookmaker last odds change and all arbs are highlighted with colours:

  1. Red colour – notifies about the event beginning within 10 min.
  2. Orange colour – notifies about a possible difference in bookmaker rules.
  3. Green colour – notifies about a new arb. It is on for 30 sec and disappears afterwards.
  4. Orange colour – means that it’s a middle bet.
  5. Blue colour – notifies about matches on break (live arbing)

There are two types of new arb alerts: voice and text. Text alert means that the new arb will be shown as a popup.

Finally, the scanner offers an accounting section where you can save all your bets and track your bookie balances. In order an arb and all its information to be added to Accounting, you have to click the icon “Briefcase” in the bottom right corner of the calculator. You can read more about the importance of tracking here.

Betburger filters

The software supports a large number of bookmakers. In your Account, at bookmakers tab you can find the list of bookmakers available together with settings. Most of the bookmakers presented in the list have their clones (Clone is a bookmaker with the same betting line). It is also possible to quickly find the bookmakers from a particular country using the appropriate filter. Betburger is the only product that scans local bookmakers from many countries that cannot be found to the competitors. You can set the local domain of the bookie ( for example) if you don’t have access to the default domain. When it comes to exchanges, you can filter arbs according to the minimum amount that you want to bet (For instance, you would like to see arbs beginning with $100 matched). betburger bookmakers tab

The software gives you the opportunity to set a number of filters to customize the arbs you want to be shown.

betburger filters


Betburger arb helper extension

This Google Chrome extension is a tool for placing surebets. You can set it to redirect you automatically to the bookmaker’s betslip. You can also set it to move the stake form the calculator to the betslip. That allows you to save time when finding the desired outcome at the bookmaker, and also to avoid possible errors during betting.

When you click on the “Bet”    button (target icon) in the calculator, several tabs with betslips will open.

betburger arb helper

Valuebetting on Betburger

Except for the main arb service Betburger offers also a value betting tool.

Value bets represent bets on odds that are higher than the real chance of winning odds.

Valuebet section provides bookmaker outcomes where the odds are exaggerated compared to other bookmakers.

Value betting is a separate product and the pricing is shown below.

betburger valuebetting pricing

Betburger pros and cons

The scanner advantages are listed below:

  • Variety. This is the biggest advantage of betburger. You can find markets, sports and bookmakers that cannot be found on the competitors. Many local bookmakers are supported. You can find also many cross-market arbs and middles. Finally, it is one of the few arbitrage software that scans live arbs.
  • Usability. User-friendly interface with all the important information easily accessible to the user.
  • Quality. Betburger offers great accuracy and speed in providing its arbs. Members have also the option to notify the admin for incorrect arbs.
  • Automation.  The arb helper browser extension makes it possible to place a bet within seconds and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Warnings. Important warnings and notices that might otherwise be easy to miss are displayed with a colored system.  This is a very handy, especially for beginners.
  • Customization. The software offers many unique options to the user. You can hide arbs, leagues, and bookmakers. Also, the calculator offers many useful features to customize your bets.
  • Tracking. The accounting tool helps you to track your bets,  bookie, and e-wallet balances.

There are not many bad things that I can find about the product. The scanner is one of the most expensive in the market, though. You have the option to freeze your subscription and use the software when you have time. Also, once in a while, there might be some technical problems with some bookmakers.

Of course, when placing arb bets there are some other risks involved that you should take into consideration. You can read more about that here.

Betburger pricing

The software offers several subscription plans as shown in the image below.

betburger pricing

You have the opportunity to freeze your account when you do not want to use the scanner (go for vacations for example). Go to “My Account”, indicate your freezing time and press “Freeze Account” button. The service would be unavailable for you during this period. When it’s over, you may use it again.

Betburger review – Conclusion

Betburger has been established as one of the best software for arbitrage bettors. It offers a huge variety of arbs in terms of bookmakers and markets available. You can find unique arbs that do not exist in the other products and that can prolong the life of your bookmaker’s accounts. The site has been online since 2014 and has gained the trust of many arbitrage bettors. I suggest that you open an account with them especially if you are now starting your adventure to arbitrage betting world.

I hope that you have found my review useful and informative. If so feel free to share it or leave a comment below.

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