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About betonvalue

Betonvalue has been one of the oldest and most reliable arbitrage betting software in the market. They offer plenty of betting tools to their members and a big amount of arbs from more than 100 bookmakers.

If you don’t know what arbitrage betting is you can check my articles here.

Betonvalue betting tools

The site is both an odds comparison site and a surebet finder. That is pretty useful as except from arbs you can find a lot more information about any sporting event such as statistics of the participants, odds history and many others. An example is shown in the image below.

Betonvalue event info

The odds comparison feature is available to all members who have an account. So it’s worth opening a free account only for gaining access to that info.

The main tool though is the surebet finder. Betonvalue is a web-based program and all the surebets are displayed in your browser.

betonvalue surebet list

After clicking on the calculator icon you can calculate your stakes and potential profits.

There is a set of filters available to customize the arbs you want to be shown.

betonvalue filters

Adjust the filter settings to see only the relevant SureBets. ‘Group’ means that there’ll only be one row for every event and bet type, showing the highest possible return obtainable for any surebet for this event and bet type. You can choose to see surebets involving a particular bookmaker by selecting it from the ‘Conditional bookmaker’ filter. You can even specify the minimum odds. You can also hide odds that are uninteresting.  Should you want to unhide any of the hidden odds, you may do so from the Removed section.

The list of surebets updates automatically, so you don’t have to refresh your browser page. The newest surebets are highlighted with orange, which fades away as time passes.

Betonvalue accounting

Bet tracking is one of the key aspects that dictate one’s success in betting. Unless you’re betting just for the fun of it, you are already aware of the importance of monitoring your own performance. Accurate record-keeping and analysis of your betting is hugely important to make consistent profits. Betonvalue offers that service (also available to free members).

In addition to the basics of recording bets, wins, and losses across multiple bookmaker accounts, there are several unique features of Betonvalue Accounting:

  • Record your bets with one click directly from the site.
  • A true multi-user system that allows you to do accounting in teams, complete with rights management and e-mail notifications of the actions of others in the team.
  • Track every single change made to a bet, a deposit, or an account for increased data security.
  • Register and analyze all details of your bets, including leagues and betting types.
  • Keep track of money movements.
  • Advanced reporting features.
  • Export data to spreadsheets.

Value betting on BetOnValue

The site offers a value betting option where the tool highlights events with a high probability of winning.

Since the site scans many bookmakers and markets you will get a huge amount of potential bets every day. And the best part is that you are getting this info at the same price that you have paid for the surebet option.

betobvalue valuebets


Betonvalue pricing

Betonvalue offers three membership types. There is the free membership where you get access to arbs with a return up to 1% and with 10 minutes delay. At the gold membership, you get full access to the software. For me, the best value is on the silver method where you have 3 minutes delay on the arbs show. This is not always a bad thing as the bets placed will not be the sharpest ones and that can prolong your bookmaker accounts’ life. The pricing is shown in the image below.

betovalue pricing

Betonvalue pros and cons

The advantages of the software are listed below:

  1. Variety of arbs. The site offers a huge list of bookmakers (over 100) and markets. You can also find arbs in every sport that you can think of.
  2. Accuracy and speed. Betovalue offers a good quality of arbs.
  3. Flexible subscription cost. The site offers affordable pricing and one of the best in the industry. The free plans give access to arbs and can be good for beginners to make their first steps in arbitrage betting.
  4. Easy to use. The site offers a very clean interface and you can find the arbs and place your bets easily.
  5. Accounting. This is another useful tool that does not exist in some of the competitors.
  6. Value betting. The tool offers a huge amount of potential value bets every day.

The disadvantages of the software are listed below:

  1. No Middles. Betting on middles is a very profitable aspect of arbitrage betting.
  2. No bet slip redirecting. Speed is essential in arbitrage betting and whatever helps into that direction is useful. Many competitors offer that service.
  3. Outdated odds. There are cases where the odds displayed have changed in the bookmaker site so the showing arb is no more active.

Betonvalue review – Conclusion

Betonvalue is one of the best arbitrage finders in the market. It supports many bookmakers and offers a huge variety of arbs.

The tool is one of the cheapest in the market and also offers a free membership for those who want to start arbitrage betting.


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