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About Betslayer

Betslayer is a software that helps you spot arbitrage betting opportunities. Arbitrage is one of the best ways to earn risk-free money from betting and you can read more about that here. The best way to find profitable arb bets is by using an arbitrage software and betslayer offers that service.

The site has been online since 2014 and has been evolved as one of the best arb finders. You can find arbs in more than 30 bookmakers in all the major sports. The service is browser-based and you don’t have to download anything to your computer.

Betslayer features

Betslayer offers a clean view of all the available arb bets as shown below

betslayer arb list

If you click at an event you can find more information such as the bookmakers involved, the odds, the % profit of the bet, the stake and others.

betslayer arb bet

As you can see, betslayer can automatically add the bet on the bookmaker betslip or make the search of the event. That saves you a lot of time and, especially on arbitrage, that can be very crucial as the profitable odds are time sensitive.

One other great feature is the profit tracker. After the event ends you set which was the winning leg and the site tracks all your bets calculating your profit.

The site offers you the ability to customize what arbs you want to be shown from which bookmaker, what markets and many others. Also, you can set it to round your stakes which is very useful when betting on arbs.

Betslayer pricing plans

Betslayer is one of the cheapest arbitrage finders online. Below you can see the pricing plans. Note that if you purchase a six-month license there is a small discount on all the plans.

betslayer pricing plans

Betslayer advantages

The advantages of the software are listed below:

  1. Cheapest than the competition. This is the biggest advantage especially for those who want to start slow on arbitrage betting or those who have a small betting bank.
  2. Easy to use. The site offers a very clean interface and you can find the arbs and place your bets easily. Also, in some bookmakers, the stakes are placed automatically on the bet slip which is very handy especially in arbitrage betting.
  3. Profit Tracker. This is another useful tool that the program offers that does not exist in some of the competitors.

Betslayer disadvantages

Below are the main disadvantages of the software:

  1. Limited variety. Compared to the competition betslayer offer fewer arb opportunities in terms of sports and markets available.
  2. No Middles. Betting on middles  is a very profitable aspect of arbitrage betting. Betslayer does not offer that option available to their clients.
  3. Slower than the competition. When it comes to arbitrage betting speed is the key to profitability. Betslayer is not the quickest compared to the other alternatives.

Of course, when placing arb bets there are some other risks involved that you should take into consideration. You can read more about that here.

Betslayer review – Conclusion

Whilst betslayer is not the best arbitrage software in the market, the fact that it is one pf the cheapest makes them a viable option for arbitrage bettors. The tool offers a very good value for money and it is one of the best options for beginners or those who are on a limited budget. Finally, there is always a free trial where you can test if the software works well for you.

I hope that you have found my review useful and informative. If so feel free to share it or leave a comment below.


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  • Mike Irving

    Don’t give them your Credit Card #. Paid for Betslayer 3 years ago … didn’t work out for me so I cancelled. Last year they put through a Credit Card Charge for $169. CAD. Eventually had it reversed. This year June 8th, they put though ANOTHER CHARGE!!!! Have today cancelled my Credit Card and they have initiated a Fraud Investigation. Bad actors!!! Seems like they are trying to SCAM people who don’t notice the recurrent charges.


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