BreakingBet is a relatively new addition to the betting world as they have been online since 2018.

Since their inception, they have gained high popularity amongst arbers mainly due to their very competitive price. Premium arbitrage betting services will cost around 100 euro per month and the fact that you can get a reliable arb finder ten times cheaper is very intriguing.

But how this arbitrage betting service is working compared to its more popular competitors?

 BreakingBet features


The interface is pretty clean and straightforward. You can easily find all the information you want about the potential bet in one click.

breakingbet arb bet

One other useful feature is the ”all arbs” extension where you can see all the available arbs of every event. That way you can compare the odds between the bookmakers and see which one has made the error thus avoiding arbs with big gaps on the odds. By doing that you can eliminate one of the major risks of arbitrage betting, the bet cancellation.

Arbing calculator

The available calculator has been integrated pretty with much everything you want from such a feature. You can round your stakes (useful for avoiding bookie limitation) or direct all the profits in one outcome. You are pretty much covered with everyting you want from an arbing calculator.

breakingbet arbing calculator


By clicking the + button you can log each bet on your betting history so you can track the overall profitability and balance of your account.

Proper bet tracking is crucial if you want to achieve long term profitability in betting, so it is always a must-have feature for every arb finder.


The customization of the arbs shown is detailed but there is some space for improvement here. For example, you cannot eliminate specific markets such as the corners on football and others. These will be shown in the list of arbs and if you don’t want them you will have to hide that particular event or arb.

Live arbs

Except for the prematch arbs the service will also give you access to live arbs with tiny extra cost. Although a very useful feature for those with account restrictions, it should be avoided especially from the beginners due to the higher risks involved.

Value betting on BreakingBet

BreakingBet has an extra section dedicated to finding value bets.  The best part is that you are getting access to that tool without any additional cost to the regular subscription.

Value bets are bets on odds that are overestimated by the bookmaker. The software scans the available odds on the supported bookmakers and when it finds irregularities those bets are displayed in the scanner.

The number of bets is not as many as with other services but you will find plenty of bets every day for your needs.

If you need more info you can read my article about value betting.

BreakigBet pros and cons

The main advantages of the BreakingBet scanner are:

  • Price. This is the main reason why should anyone open an account with them. The monthly subscription can easily be covered with one or two bets.
  • Live arbs. This is one of the few arb finders that scan the live markets and finds possible bets.
  • Value bets. It is always a plus for every arb scanner to provide a value bets section to its customers. Again no extra payments are needed for that.
  • Quality arbs. Although not many, the available arbs will mostly have odds that actually exist and are ready to place the bets on.

The main disadvantages of the tool are:

  • Few arbs. The quantity of the arbs that you are getting is not that much and if you have few bookmakers at your disposal you will find a hard time finding many available bets.
  • Few bookmakers. Compared to other arb scanners BreakingBet only supports 40 bookmakers.
  • No alerts. Errors in placing arbs can be costly. Arbitrage betting involves many risks such as wrong odds, different rules between the bookmakers on the same event and others. It is always a plus for an arb finder to alert members for such possible errors.
  • No middles. Middle bets are always a desirable feature for every arb finder for several reasons. You will not find such kind of bets on BreakingBet.

BreakingBet pricing

As we have seen, the main power of the tool is their pricing model. The cost is shown in the image below.

breakingbet pricing

The site offers also monthly, 3 months, 6 months and yearly suscriptions with cheaper prices.

Also, you will always have the option to freeze the account. Freezing means that you can pause any active subscription for a number of days. This will allow you not to waste your subscription days if you cannot use the scanner for a while, when you are on vacation, for example.

Final thoughts

If you are new to arbitrage betting you can not go any wrong with BreakingBet.

The price is a steal for the overall service so go ahead and open an account with BreakingBet if you want to start your arbitrage betting journey.

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