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About Inplaytrading

Inplaytrading is a betting product suitable for those loving betting in play. It’s a useful tool that provides inplay stats for the majority of betfair football markets. The scanner is accessible through a browser tab and there is no need to download any software.

The same creators have also launched another sited called Inplayscanner. The concept and filters are pretty much the same. The main difference is that Inplayscanner shows the average odds of 3 major bookmakers other than betfair (more events are now available). Also, the price is a little cheaper than the original site.

The site does not provide betting tips but it is basically an in play scanner showing a bunch of useful metrics and stats. It’s especially useful at busy trading days as you have all the stats of all the games on one platform.

Inplaytrading features

Below is a picture of how a game at inplaytrading looks like

a game in inplaytrading

  • At the left side, there is information about the event (date, time played, current score).
  • At the matched odds and over/under 2.5 tabs, there are the in-play odds and the money matched at Betfair at that time. The less bold odds below are the odds at the start of the match. If you hover the mouse over the odds you can see the Betfair graph and if you click you are redirected to the Betfair interface to place your bet. Also if you click on ”show” the odds for the other O/U markets and correct score market will pop up.
  • At the stats tab you can see from left to right the following stats: shots on target, shots off target, corners, penalties, free kicks, red cards, yellow cards, dangerous attacks and possession. Also, if you hover the mouse at those stats you can see the actual minute in the game that those happened.
  • Some very useful metrics that inplaytrading has are the pressure indexes after the stats tab (those with the lightning icon). The higher those figures are the higher the probability is a goal to be scored in those matches. Be aware though that you shouldn’t rely totally on those metrics but only use them as an indicator of what is happening in the game. The way that those metrics are calculated is shown below.

pressure indexes at inplaytrading

  • Finally, you have the ability to highlight the matches you want to bet, put audible alarms and hide any games that you don’t want to be shown.

Inplaytrading strategies

Inplaytrading offers members some simple strategies that you can use to start trading. Those can be found in the help section of the page. Those are just some suggestions on how to use the scanner.

I would suggest that you don’t bet on every game that is highlighted by the pressure indicator. If you have some thoughts on a game you can use the scanner to confirm your pregame prediction with the live action and then place your bets.

You can create your own strategies by setting your own parameters as shown in the picture below. Also, you are getting email alert every time a game fits the criteria that you have set.

add a strategy on inplaytrading

Every day you are getting by email trade of the day suggestions. There are also Telegram available if you prefer. Furthermore, there is a very active chatroom that many experienced traders are posting their tips based on the scanner signals (the chatroom is not available at the Inplayscanner version).

Finally, there is a video section where the site owner is demonstrating with live examples how to use the scanner.

Upon joining, you also get access to the Draw inflation tool (also not available at Inplayscanner)  which identifies discrepancies in the match odds market before kickoff. That way you can make some pregame profits and leverage them in play using the scanner. You can learn more about draw inflation by visiting my review.

Inplaytrading subscription plans

The inplaytrading subscription plans are shown in the picture below

inplaytrading subscription plans

It may seem a little expensive but you are getting the Draw inflation tool for free which is a plus. Also, the site admin is running some promotions (can go up to 50%) throughout the year that you can take advantage of.

The cheaper Inplayscanner subscription plans are shown in the picture below.

inplayscanner subscription plans


Summarize – Should I join inplaytrading or not?

If live betting is your thing then inplaytrading scanner would be a useful addition to your portfolio. Imagine having all the live stats in one dashboard without having to crawl bookmakers or other stats sites. That way not only you are making profitable betting decisions but also you never miss any good opportunity that you would have missed otherwise. There is not any other live stats site online as simple to use as inplaytrading.

I hope that you have found my review on inplaytrading scanner useful. If so feel free to share it or leave a comment below.

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