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What is Oddstorm?

Oddstorm is arbitrage software that scans the bookmakers and identifies arbitrage opportunities. It is available through their website in your browser, as well as you can download their software and run it from your desktop. The site has been established as one of the best and most reliable arbitrage finders.

In case you do not know yet what arbitrage means, you can check my articles here.

Oddstorm features

The design is not the best one but if you are familiar with other surebet finders you will find easily all the info that you need. The interface is divided into three spaces. In the left part are the filters where you can customize the bets and the bookmakers you want to be shown. In the middle are the arbs in the left are the calculator and other arb details.

oddstorm interface

Oddstorm offers arbs only on football. Although that may seem like a disadvantage, this has enabled them to offer arbs to unique cross markets and to be the fastest in updating the odds compared to the competition.

The site is the only one in the industry that offers polish middles (along with Arbmate). If you don’t know what middles on arbitrage betting are you can read my article here. Polish middles are also available at in play arbing which is also a unique feature. Except from pre-match events, Oddstrorm offers also inplay arbs and middles at an additional cost.

Paid members gain access to live chat where can ask questions and discuss with other more experienced members. That can be very useful especially for the beginners.

The scanners offers for free an odds comparison feature where you can check the odds on all the major football events at the bookmakers you want. Available for is also an arb calculator where you can choose among various surebet types.

Oddstorm pricing

Oddstorm is one of the most expensive surebet finders in the market. The pricing is shown in the image below.

oddstorm pricing

The site offers also a Vip Plus membership at an additional cost and benefits.

oddstorm vip plus membership

You can pay using Paypal, Skrill and Neteller.

Oddstorm pros and cons

The advantages of using Oddstorm are listed below:

  • Speed. The scanner is the fastest in the market and that is a huge plus in arbitrage betting where speed is the key to profitability.
  • Middles. The site offers many middle arbs and is the only that provides the option to bet on polish middles (along with arbmate).
  • Cross-markets. Oddstorm emphasizes only on football and that has enabled them to offer a large variety of arbs across different markets.

The disadvantages of using Oddstorm are listed below:

  • Cost. The cost of the software is a bit higher compared to the competitors.
  • Variety. The service is only limited to football arbs.
  • Filters. Small number of filter settings which gives little room for customization.
  • No bookie redirecting. This is only available at the Vip Plus membership which costs a lot.

Of course, when placing arb bets there are some other risks involved that you should take into consideration. You can read more about that here.

Oddstorm review – Conclusion

Oddstorm is a tool that I would definitely recommend to everyone who wants to be involved in arbitrage betting. Although it might not be ideal for beginners due to the high cost the tool offers some services that most arbitrage bettors would be happy to pay for. I especially like the quick odds update and the fact that it is the only option available for polish middles.

I hope that you have found my review useful and informative. If so feel free to share it or leave a comment below.

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