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About Prematchtrading

Prematchtrading is a tool for identifying prematch trade opportunities. The software uses prices in liquid markets and calculates relevant prices in secondary markets thus allowing users to spot mispriced events and profit from trading them before the game has started.

The software covers all the main football events at the following markets: Over/Under 1.5 to 4.5, the correct score, next goal, half-time match odds and halftime correct score.

Prematchtrading features

a match at prematchtrading

When opening a game at prematchtrading you are getting the live odds from Betfair, SBObet, Maxbet and the spreads. Also by clicking the odds button above, you are redirecting to an odds comparison site for the bookie prices. The most useful information here is the prices that the tool calculates. Prematctrading calculates what the correct prices should be and it highlights with blue or red colours where a possible odd movement is going to happen.

Because liquidity is necessary for that type of trading the software will only show games with 2k matched on a weekday and 10k at weekends.

Prematchtrading strategies

There are many ways that you can use the software and in many markets. It may seem complicated at the beginning but at the help section of the website, you can find some admin suggestions and advice on how to use the product. Also, the admin posts some videos from time to time with live trading examples. There is also an active chat room where members are posting suggestions and their trades. Occasional tips will be sent via email to members along with draw inflation alerts.

In any case, you should take into consideration the following:

  1. Do not enter a trade when the liquidity is low. The site suggests that you trade games with at least 30-40k in CS market and 70-80k in O/U 2.5 Goals market.
  2. Do not try to scalp very high odds as there is not enough liquidity.
  3. You must have a decent betting bank. We are aiming for a few ticks so we have to put enough money in the market to make some profit.
  4. You must trade mainly close to kick off where the liquidity increases dramatically. Beware when team lineups are announced around 60 minutes before the start of a game. Then the liquidity increases dramatically and you might get caught into a losing trade.
  5. Always try to back at the lay price in order to gain some ticks.
  6. Using software like the Geeks Toy or Bet Angel which both have ladder interfaces offer the best ways to increase profits when scalping.
  7. NEVER take any trade into in play with the hope to get matched there. The risk is very high compared to the reward.

Draw inflation

Draw Inflation is a tool which identifies matches where the draw price is out of line and it comes free with the prematchtrading subscription. As a general rule with low inflation, (0% or less) we back the draw and lay the dog and for high inflations, (17% or more) we do the opposite – lay draw and back dog.

When trading games with high or low draw inflation you should take into consideration the following:

  1. Trade only when the liquidity on the match odds market is above 30k.
  2. Avoid trading hot favourites and prefer matches with even odds.
  3. All that have been mentioned above for using the prematctrading tool.

Again I strongly suggest that you visit the video section and look live trades in action with the draw inflation tool.

Summarize – Should I join prematchtrading or not?

Trading the football matches before the start of the game is a great way to earn low-risk profits as the odd movement is slow and also there is not the danger to get caught by a goal. Prematchtrading is the only product online that identifies misalignments at betfair football markets before the kickoff. If you want to invest time and money to learn pre-match trading this is the product for you.

I hope that you found my review of prematchtrading useful and informative. If so, feel free to share it or leave a comment below.

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