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About Rebelbetting

Rebelbetting has been one of the most popular arbitrage software providers since its inception, back in 2008. It is one of the first surebet finders available to bettors and has been considered by many as the best product in the arbitrage betting world. They offer a large variety of betting markets from more than 70 bookmakers.

If you don’t know what arbitrage betting is you can check my articles here.

Rebelbetting features

The RebelBetting servers gather and calculate all the bookmaker’s odds data and send out arbitrage situations to the installed software at your computer. All the essential arb info and calculators are easily accessible to the user.

rebelbetting interface

By clicking the + button the software shows the odds of all the other bookmakers. This is very useful to check if the difference between the odds in different bookmakers is too high in order to avoid that bet. You can hide specific odds, specific arb or the entire match if you want. This is useful if you have for instance placed an arb on the match and do not wish to see the arb again.

rebelbetting event info

By clicking new on any selected arbitrage, the Betting Browser will open. This unique feature of RebelBetting will automatically log you in to the bookmakers and find and select the bets you need to place to create an arbitrage opportunity (be sure to have English as your bookmaker account language). This saves valuable time and lets you bet on a lot more arbs before they disappear.

rebelbetting betting browser overview

The software provides arbs on plenty of sports and markets. It offers a wide range of cross-market arbs (mix of two or more different markets) and plenty of middles.

rebelbetting supported markets and sports

Rebelbetting supports all the major bookmakers and also those which are available only in specific countries. At the bookmaker setup option, you can select from which bookmakers you want arbs to be shown. You can set your login credentials for the autosurf.  You can select to use a different bookmaker domain if the standard bookmaker domain is not available in your country and also calculate that taxes some countries may impose on winnings. Finally, you can set the currency that you have in your bookmaker account although it is recommended to have all your accounts (bookmakers and E-wallets) in the same currency in order to avoid any currency exchange fees.

rebelbetting bookmaker setup

If you are serious about arbitrage betting, you need to keep track of the bets you place. This must be done to know which bets that are still open, which bookmakers you have placed the bets on, what amounts you have placed and where, and also to make sure that the bookmakers have graded your bets correctly. You must also have “real-time” information about your current balance of your bookmaker and E-wallet accounts. Rebelbetting has set up an excel spreadsheet called the ‘arbook’ for bet tracking.

Rebelbetting warnings explained

When the risk of an arb is high the software highlights that event with a warning. The warnings are displayed in the Arb Details panel (highlighted in red). That can be very useful especially for the beginners. Below is a list of the warnings that can be seen in RebelBetting, and what they mean. If there is no specific/known warning in the arb, it is presented as “None”.

  • Palpable error.  A bookmaker can cancel (void) your bet, claiming that had made an error in providing the odds. When the odds are way too high than the other bookmakers the software will highlight that arb as a risky one.
  • Reversed participant. The Reversed Participants notice is just to let you know that the order of the participants might not be the same on both bookmakers. This could happen for instance if a match is played at neutral ground and no team is the home team.
  • Mixed rules. When betting on tennis, for example, different bookies may have different rules when a player retires. That can cause huge losses and you should avoid that arbs.
  • Same bookie. This notice is displayed when selecting an arb where two or more outcomes in an arb are on the same bookmaker. It is not recommended to place two bets on the same match on the same bookmaker, as this might flag your account.

Rebelbetting pros and cons

The software advantages are listed below:

  • Usability. The software offers an intuitive interface that is easy to use with powerful features and plenty of handy information for the user.
  • Variety. The site offers a huge list of bookmakers and markets. You can find also many cross-market arbs and middles.
  • Quality. Rebelbetting offers great accuracy and speed in providing their arbs.
  • Automation. AutoLogin and AutoSurf features make it possible to place a bet within seconds. The betting browser feature also helps you place your bets on a single page.
  • Warnings. Important warnings and notices that might otherwise be easy to miss are displayed in the Betting Browser.  This is a unique feature of Rebelbetting.
  • Customization. The software offers many unique options to the user. It is the only product that can calculate the taxes of your winnings and allows you to use different currencies in your accounts.
  • Tracking. Rebelbetting offers for free the ‘arbook’ which is a handy excel spreadsheet to help you track your bets and bookie balances.

The only disadvantage that I can find is the relatively high cost. That can be significantly reduced though if you choose the lite version or if you take advantage of  periodical promotions.

Of course, when placing arb bets there are some other risks involved that you should take into consideration. You can read more about that here.

Rebelbetting pricing

The cost of the software is shown below.

rebelbetting pricing

The cost of the pro version can be reduced to 49 euro per month if you purchase a two-year license.

If you are new to arbitrage betting and you have a small bankroll you should try RebelBetting Lite. With this, you are getting arbs that have existed for 30 minutes or more.  There is no percentage cap, meaning you will get full access to all higher arb. But you are limited from middles, cross arbs, horse racing arbs, and arbs from exchanges. The cost from the lite version is 59 euros per month.

Payments can be made with Skrill, Neteller, or credit card.

Value betting finder

Rebelbetting released its value betting software in 2019. With value betting, you place bets that have a larger probability of winning than indicated by the odds of the bookmakers.

The software scans 90 bookmakers and thousands of odds, so you can find plenty of available bets every day.

When subscribing you choose the plan best tailored to your needs – ValueBetting Starter or Pro.

The starter is for those who are just starting out and have a small starting bankroll. While the pro is more suitable for more experienced bettors with larger bankrolls. The main advantage of the Pro is that you can get bets on the exchanges and the sharp bookmakers which is always desirable for achieving long term profits. Also with the pro version, you are getting more available bets and with value higher than 7%. The pricing for the two plans is shown in the image below.

valuebetting rebelbetting pricing

With both plans, you are getting access to the other Rebelbetting unique features such as:

  • BetTracker. Log your bets with one click. Keep track of your ROI, Yield, EV, and all your betting history in one place.
  • Automatic bet settlement. Your bets will be automatically settled. This saves you a lot of time.
  • Autosurf.  This unique feature of RebelBetting will automatically log you into the bookmaker and find and select the bets you want. That is very crucial in value betting where the available bets are time and price-sensitive.

Other Rebelbetting products

Except for the above the site also offers a matched betting product.

Matched betting is a way to profit from the bonuses, free bets and other incentives offered by bookmakers. The software is focused on making this process as easy as possible. You simply enter what bonuses you want to use in the matched betting software, and you get a list of the most profitable odds. The automatic calculator tells you exactly how much to bet on each side to maximize your profits. This is the perfect product if you don’t have a large bankroll or if you just want an easier product. It can also be used as a great complement to RebelBetting, maximizing your arbitrage trading profits with bonuses. The cost is only €9 per month.

Rebelbetting review – Conclusion

Rebelbetting has been established as one of the best software for arbitrage bettors. It is for sure the best product for beginners. Features like the autosurf, the warning system and others can be very helpful to eliminate the risks of arbitrage betting. The site has been online since 2008 proving their credibility to bettors. I suggest that you open an account with them especially if you are now starting to arbitrage betting world.

If you are still unsure about joining the site offers a profit guarantee. If you are unable to make a profit in your first month (either on arbitrage or value betting) you will get a second month for free.

I hope that you have found my review useful and informative. If so feel free to share it or leave a comment below.


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