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What is Trademate?

Trademate is a software that identifies value in the betting markets.  Trademate’s algorithm compares the true odds to the odds of more than 100 bookmakers to look for deviations providing possible value bets to its members.

Trademate covers hundreds of leagues from more than 50 countries across multiple sports (football, basketball, NFL, Baseball, Rugby, Tensports covered from tradematesportsnis, Handball, esports). The site supports all the major soft bookmakers (Unibet, William Hill etc) and the sharp bookmakers  SBO, IBC and ISN with the following markets: 1×2 (Home, Draw, Away), Asian Handicap, European Handicap, Draw No Bet, Moneyline, Spread and Over / Unders.

Trademate monitors odds 24/7 and it works in a browser tab without having to download any software in your computer.

For more information about the mechanics of value betting, you can visit my post where I explain what value betting is.


How Trademate works?

Trademate works with a Kelly staking plan. At your profile settings, you can set the sizing of your of your bets depending on your risk (low to high).

At the bookmaker’s tab, you set the bookies you want to use and the starting balance at each one.

trademate bookmakers tab

After that, you can go to the tradefeed and start looking for possible bets. From there you can set the following customization on what trades you want to receive (sports, markets, odds range, edge range, hours before the game, etc.)

trademate tradefeed customization


After placing the suggested bet to the bookmaker you can register that bet in order to get track of your results and bookie balances. Also, you can be redirected to the bookie page to place the bet.

rademate register trade tab

When the games are finished the results are settled automatically and all the stats are appearing on your dashboard. There you can find useful information such as your fund growth, ROI, bookie balances, and others.

trademate dashboard

For all the trades, Trademate tracks the closing line of the market leaders (Pinnacle). The closing line is the odds at the time the game starts. The program calculates if you are beating the closing line and whether your strategy is +EV (expected value) in the long-run which is the best benchmark for long-term success in sports trading. Below you can see an example of a settled trade (in circle is the edge that we had when the game started).

settled trades at trademate

Upon joining, you have a full access to in-depth analytics. In the following video, you can see a full explanation of the Analytics Tool feature inside Trademate

Other useful Trademate features

  • Match details

You can get live updates on the score and key statistics of any game you want to follow in the game center. Including statistics such as shots on target in football, 3 pointers in basketball, aces in tennis, and many more. At any time you can see the status of your current trades in a payout grid, which gets updated in real-time whenever the result changes.

  • Game center

At the Game Center, you can find all the upcoming events in the sports that Trademate supports. There you can compare the odds of the bookmakers.

odds comparison at trademate

You can register custom trades you find outside Trademate with the odds found in the odds comparison tool. If you have another value betting strategy you can register your bets here and take advantage of the analytics.

  • Telegram

Trademate has recently implemented a Telegram service, which allows you to be notified about value bets on your phone.

Trademate plans

Trademate offers 2 types of accounts.

Trademate Core is designed to take value from soft bookmakers, whereas Trademate Pro is designed to take value from sharp bookmakers and exchanges. Both products use the same interface and features. It’s just that Pro includes sharp bookmakers and exchanges in addition to all of the soft bookmakers.

The average edge will be much lower with the sharp bookmakers and exchanges, but you can place much larger bets, so a large bankroll is necessary here. The Trademate recommends a bank of 2000 euros for the core account and 20000 for the pro account.

trademate plans

The price is changing if you pay for a three-month subscription as follow:

Nordics – 75 €

Core – 300 €

Pro – 1000 €

Finally, the site offers an account tailored to US citizen which included all the bookmakers that are available in the USA market. The cost for that is 49$/month or 125$/quarterly.

Fortunately, the developers are offering a guarantee by giving you a second month for free if you don’t make a profit in your first month and after placing 500 bets.

Trademate Pros

  • Easy to use. You can start receiving and registering your trades minutes after you sign up. Also, the staking is precalculated for you. You only have to decide your risk.
  • Variety of bookies. The software supports over 90 bookmakers.
  • Analytics.  The product comes with very detailed analytics which can help you identify where is your edge or weakness. Trademate calculates your edge against the closing line which is a very important metric to identify your long-term profitability. You can also register trades that you have found outside Trademate and use the analytics on them too.
  • Customization. You can customize the setting of your trades and find what best works for you.
  • Proven results. The site has a good record of profitable results.
  • Methodology. Beating the closing line of market leaders is considered the best way to have sustainable profits from betting. Trademate does exactly that.
  • Value on sharps. Trademate is the only program online that provides value bets in the sharp bookies.

Trademate cons

  • The product is quite expensive, especially for the beginner trader. In order to cover subscription costs you need to to have a large bank set aside to use the product for trading the sharps.
  • Beating the sharps comes with high variance in the results. Ii might be difficult, especially for the novice trader, to cope with big losing runs.

Summarize – Should you join Trademate or not?

Beating the soft bookmakers is easier than beating the sharps but that comes with inevitable limitations. Trademate is the only product online that exploits the sharp bookmakers offering bettors a real chance to create a consistent income from betting.

For those who see betting as a long-term investment, I strongly recommend that you join Trademate and start betting. It has more features than any of the other value betting software out there.

I hope that you have found my review of Trademate useful. If so, feel free to share it or leave a comment below.


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