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The competition in the gambling industry is very high and that is in favour of the punter as the bookmakers are forced to run promotional offers to attract new customers. Matched betting help us to take advantage of bookmakers’ bonuses and offers.

Matched betting involves betting in two or more different bookmakers at the opposite sides of the same market. That way we are taking advantage of the free bets or completing the bonus rollover requirements without risking any money.

What types of bonuses bookmakers are offering?

There are 3 types of bonuses that bookmakers are offering and can be used for matched betting:

  • Free bet with stake not returned.
  • Free bet with stake returned.
  • Sign up or deposit (reload) bonus.

Also, bookmakers are offering some types of promotions that cannot be used for matched betting (0% vig on certain events for example).

Is matched betting legal?

Matched betting is completely legal and can be done in every place of the world where betting is legal and bookmakers are offering bonuses.

Of course, bookmakers don’t like that type of betting and will try to limit your activities but there are some methods that you can use to avoid getting gubbed.

Unlike other betting activities such as arbitrage or value betting by doing matched betting you will stay under the radar for a longer period.

Is matched betting suitable for everyone?

The best part of matched betting is that it can be performed by anyone. You do not have to be a gambling expert and you can start making money even without having any betting experience at all. Also, the starting bankroll is very low compared to other betting activities.

There are many matched betting software available that can find the bets for you and also do the calculation of the stakes. That takes the hard part of work out of you and minimizes the risks of losing money.

You can read more about the pros and cons of matched betting here.


Matched betting is the best way for newbies to start their betting activities. Although bettors from the UK will have the most opportunities, matched betting can be performed at any country of the world as long as bookmakers are offering bonuses. For example, Louis from has stated the best ways to exploit bookmaker bonuses if you are based in Australia.

This is the best way for bettors who want start arbitrage or value betting to build their bankroll.


You can read more about matched betting at this section of the website.

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