What Is Matched Betting?

As dozens of new bookmakers enter the very competitive betting market every year, both recently launched and established online bookmakers try to entice new gamblers into opening accounts and bet with them by offering promotions like sign-up bonuses and free bets. Most online bookmakers will also offer promotions to existing customers to keep them betting regularly or reactivate them.

Matched betting is a betting technique used to profit from bookmaker promotions by turning sign-up bonuses and free bets into guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome. The risk element is eliminated by placing a back bet with a bookmaker and laying the same bet on a betting exchange.

You can take advantage of these offers either by searching them manually or with the help of a matched betting finder.

What Is A Matched Betting Service?

Generally, when doing matched betting manually, you have to manage the bets on your own. You have to learn and understand how the promotions work and you have to crawl through the bookmaker’s sites to find out the best promotions. Next, you have to compare the odds between the betting exchanges and online bookmakers then calculate the stakes before placing your bets.

As you can see, doing matched betting on your own is not only a time-consuming process but also exposes you to potential losses because if you fail to calculate the risks accurately, you may end up losing all your bets.

This is exactly where a matched betting service comes in. These services are scanning to bookmaker sites every day searching for potential bonuses. These offers are provided to you in a daily calendar along with instructions on how to take advantage of them.

It is a subscription-based service where you don’t have to worry about searching the promotions and calculating the stakes. Those are provided to you and all you need to do is, place your bets on the basis of assistance you get from the software.

Why Do You Need A Matched Betting Finder?

The main benefit of using such a service is that you can get started with matched betting without investing a lot of time and effort.

Even if you have a few hours per month, you can use an assisted service. With a matched betting service, you can save a lot of time, as you don’t need to keep an eye on the online bookmakers every day searching for offers.

And not only time, but it will also save a lot of money, as it tells you what bets to place in order to maximize the profits and minimize the risk from a particular bookmaker promotion.

Doing matched betting manually does incur some risk but with the right matched betting service, you can reduce the risk to zero – Another reason to opt for assisted matched betting services! The only risk is human error.

People do make mistakes and it is important to fully understand what you are doing and also have the right advice and support. This is another benefit of using a matched betting service as they offer full training and unlimited support. Finally, they have community forums where you can seek advice on other more experienced members.

One other big plus is the tracking option that all these products offer. Bet tracking is one most important things that you should do when doing any betting activities.

Note the odds matcher tools that all these services have can also be used for arbitrage betting as well. Of course, arbitrage betting finders are more suitable for this, but will still be able to use matched betting finders to place some risk-free bets.

Another good point is that they don’t cost a lot, you can easily pay for them after a few bets!

In more simple words, matched betting services work the following way:

  • Find all of the free bets for you.
  • Find the best odds for you.
  • Help you calculate your bets.
  • Give you full instructions to make sure you maximize your profits.

Which is the best matched betting service?


Oddsmonkey is one of the best and oldest matched betting finders, being online since 2011. It is one of the most popular options for potential matched bettors having served hundreds of them through the years.

The main tool of the service is the oddsmatcher. It scans more than 90 bookmakers finding opportunities for making matched bets with the highest earning potential possible. Same with oddsmatcher is the racing matcher which is made or finding bets in the horse racing.

Oddsmonkey also has more sophisticated tools such as the Acca matcher for placing accumulator bets or the extra place matcher focusing on the horse racing place matcher. Those tools will help you earn even more from the bookmaker bonuses.

The biggest time saver though is the daily offer calendar. Oddsmonkey scours the Internet, finding all the latest bookie offers, and then displays them in an easy-to-use calendar format along with guidance on how to take advantage of them.

Profit tracker is a very handy tool for recording all your profits and bets from your matched betting activities.

Upon subscribing you get access to the matched betting forum is an online community where the OddsMonkey team and Premium members come together. You can ask questions, share tips and get advice on anything related to matched betting. Also, you are getting access to more than a hundred guides and tutorials that will help you to get started with matched betting.

You can read more about this service in my more detailed oddsmonkey review.

You can sign up for free and get access to a light version of oddsmatcher and introduction training guides to get you started. The pricing is shown in the image below:

oddsmankey pricing


Profit Accumulator is another popular service for matched bettors having served more than 130000 members since 2014.

Upon signing up you are getting access to extensive training material with more than 9 hours of video included, which is extremely helpful when starting out.

The most significant part of the service is the number of free bets offers they display. Profit accumulator searches the Internet every day for all the free bet and bonus offers out there, enabling you to quickly and easily turn them into cash. Guides are also included on how to take advantage of each offer

The Oddsmatcher is the main tool, enabling you to quickly compare odds between bookmakers and betting exchanges, thus finding the most profitable combinations. For horse racing, they have a separate tool called match catcher.

Other more sophisticated tools are the Acca Catcher that allows you to take advantage of free bet offers that are limited to accumulators and the Extra Place Catcher which helps members maximize their earnings from horse racing extra place offers. They also have the dutching feature which finds bets between bookies without the need for the betting exchange.

Profit tracking is an essential part of every matched betting service and Profit Accumulator offers such a feature to their members.

Finally, the support from the full-time team is consistent, plus you will also have access to a dedicated forum where you can ask other members whatever you want about matched betting.

You can sign up for free and get limited access to the software and the bonuses of two bookmakers. The cost of the profit accumulator is shown below.

profit accumulator pricing


Matchedbets is another very popular tool among matched bettors and the cheapest one if you go for a yearly subscription.

Although they do not support as much bookmakers as their competitors, they will find for you many available offers every day plus instructions on how to take advantage of them.

They do offer comprehensive training guides including video tutorials along with dedicated customer support ready to answer any questions you might have about matched betting.

The main tool of Matchedbets is the odds matcher which scans the bookmaker’s sites for the best available odds. As with the other products in the market, they have tools dedicated to horse racing like the horse racing matcher and the each way matcher.

Finally, they also have a bet tracker where you can log your bets and keep a record of your matched betting profits.

Matchedbets is somewhat cheaper compared to the other products if you go for the annual premium account. You can also get free access to the software for 14 days. The pricing is shown in the image below.

matchedbets pricing

You can read more about this service in my more detailed matchedbets review.


Profitsquad is one of the best matched betting finders online and one of the most popular options for matched bettors.

Upon signing you are getting access to in-depth training tutorials and videos. Providing training materials is always a must for every matched betting service.

Except that, Profit Squad members have access to a private community channel on Discord where members can chat about matched betting and new offers and generally help each other. This is much better than a forum as here you can get real-time notifications about new offers.

Profit Squad members have access to a range of advanced tools that are also available to their competitors like the odds matcher, horse racing matcher, accumulator tool, and others.

Another must for every matched betting finder is the daily updated calendar. Profit Squad lists daily all the available offers and tells you which is the expected value of each offer. Step-by-step guides for each offer are also available.

Keeping track of your profits is essential when matching betting and Profit Squad offer the service to their members.

The pricing is pretty much at the same level as the competitors as shown in the image below but you can also get free access to the software for 14 days.

profit squad pricing


Profit maximizer is It is a tool designed to help you make money online both from sports betting and online casino offers

While they are offering a matched betting service really their main focus is on exploiting online casino offers.

Upon signing up you are getting access to a dedicated training section where you can watch videos on how to take advantage of the bookmaker and casino offers.

You can also find a calendar section, where you can access the ongoing promotions offered by the bookmakers plus the sign-up bonuses. The offers are updated regularly and you also get emails when new opportunities arise. Instructions on how to take profit from the offers also included.

Finally, there is the Odds Matcher tool, which helps you find the perfect odds and bets to use for every bonus.

While they are not as sophisticated as their competitors above in the sports bookmakers offers, they are the best tool for exploiting the casino offers. Plus they have the cheapest pricing as you can get access with a £97  yearly fee. You can also try the service for 14 days with only a £1 trial.

profit maximizer pricing


Oddshero has been a service backed by the Trademate team so that gives a little credibility to the service provided.

The service runs only as a bet finder to help you clear the rollover requirements of the sign-up offers. The software compares the odds between all the bookmakers and provides the best combination of bets for maximizing your profits.

You will not get any other info for reload offers or other bonuses from bookmakers as with the other services.

oddshero pricing


Rebelbetting is mostly known for its arbitrage and value betting software but they have a section dedicated to matched betting also.

You simply enter what bonuses you want to take advantage of in the software, and you get a list of the most profitable odd combinations. The calculator tells you exactly how much to bet on each side to maximize your profits.

But as with oddshero you will not have any other information about any other offers that bookmakers make each day. You will have to find them on your own and then search for the bets in the Rebellbeting software.

The cost of this software is 39 euros per month.

You can read more about this service in my more detailed rebelbetting review.

*Note that these services are mainly targeting the bookmares that are available for UK bettors. If you are from abroad you may want to look for services that are focusing on your locale.

Final thoughts

Matched betting services work on a subscription-based model and help you to make money and maximize your profit with this betting technique.

These services provide you with a daily calendar of offers, guides, and tutorials to help you get started, odds matching software for searching the most profitable bets in no time, and finally, the calculators that help in calculating the risk on selected bets.

For these reasons, we highly recommend the use of matched betting services.


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