Value betting is a term that’s very popular with experienced bettors. In a value bet, the odds of an outcome happening are greater than the bookmakers predicted. In other words, your bets have a higher chance of success when compared to the offered odds. Utilizing this should, hopefully, give you an advantage in the long run.

It’s always hard to find some great value betting opportunities. After all, the bookmakers are very good at their job. Hopefully, the process of finding value bets has been simplified with help of value betting finders. The 5 most common value betting services are:

  1. Trademate
  2. Rebelbetting
  3. BetBurger
  4. BetOnValue
  5. BreakingBet

But first, let see what is value betting?

How Does Value Betting Works?

The simplest example would be a coin toss. When you fling it into the air, the probability of the coin landing on heads or tails is 50 percent for each side. This is equal to an odds of 2.00 for both outcomes. These odds are calculated simply by dividing number 1 with the probability in decimals. For 50 percent, we would divide by 0.5.

But where does value betting come into play? Imagine a situation where one bookmaker offers you 2.20 for betting on heads. Both outcomes have the same probability of happening, so you
should place your bet on the heads. The given odds of 2.20 is better than what is suggested by the probability. This creates a value bet.

Of course, you’ll never come across a situation that is as simple as this coin toss. The value bet would be much harder to detect. The bookmakers are shrewd and this allowed them to stay in business for quite a long time. In real life, you’d be offered 1.90 odds for both heads and tails. Since it’s 50/50 odds, with a large number of placed bets there would be roughly the same amount of money placed on both outcomes. For example, let’s say that customers placed 1000$ on heads and tails each. Whatever the outcome, the house gives 900$ to the winning side and pockets 100$.

For more information, you can visit my article about value betting.

Such price discrepancies, like the coin toss example, are very common in sports betting as the odds are changing many times before the start of the event. But spotting such opportunities is very difficult for the average punter and requires years of experience. For that reason, value betting scanners came to life.

What is a Value Betting Finder and Why Do You Need One?

There are many value betting finders and calculators offered online. They provide a service of finding bets with good value betting odds for you. So, what are their benefits?

  • Time. Usually, these finders compare the odds from various bookmakers. By doing this, the software can tell when a discrepancy happens and it sends this data to you. You can also do this manually, but the process is very time-consuming. The bookies tweak their odds all the time so you’d have to constantly compare your lists and check for any changes. Some will also redirect you automatically to the bookmaker bet slip. Placing bets quickly is crucial in value betting as the prices are time-sensitive.
  • Number of bets. You’ll also be able to make more bets when using these services. This is important as your profits directly depend on the number of placed bets in value betting due to the impact of the betting variance.
  • Convenience.  Although individual services provide some different features, all betting calculators offer you an automatic comparison of online bookmakers. You can place your bets quickly and all the important data is organized in an interface. Some will also alert you when a value bet passes a certain percentage and do complicated calculations in your place.
  • Bet tracking. It depends on the price range of the service, but some value betting finders may even keep track of your bets and calculate your overall profits. Proper tracking is very important in all your betting activities.

Overall using a value betting finder will definitely increase your profits but which is the best one for your needs?

Which is the best value betting finder?

According to your betting style, bank, risk tolerance, number of available bookmakers there several options that you can choose from.

Each one has its own methodology for finding value bets while they have different features for their customers. Below is a small breakdown of these 5 value betting finders.

1# Trademate – For professional value bettors

Tradematesports is one of the best options for every serious value bettor.

The service covers more than 100 bookmakers, both soft and sharps, including many local bookmakers (US only bookies for example). They also cover many tournaments and markets so you can rest assured that you will have many available bets every day.

One of the unique features of this value betting software is that it tracks the closing line of your bet compared to that of the market leaders (Pinnacle). The program calculates if you are beating the closing line and whether your strategy is +EV (expected value) in the long-run which is the best benchmark for long-term success in sports betting.

Upon joining you are getting access to a very detailed analytic tool and tracking system which will help you find your edge against bookmakers. It will help you customize the bets that you will get from the tool thus increasing your potential profits.

Finally, they have a proven record of results for beating the sharp bookmakers which is their most unique feature against all the other products in the market. Sharp bookmakers have a winners-accepted policy. So beating their lines means that you can achieve long term profits from betting without having to worry about bookie limitations.

Being the best product in the field comes with a cost. Especially Trademate Pro is only suitable for those with a large betting bank and those who are able to place hundreds of bets every month.  The pricing is shown in the image below.

tradematesports cost

Fortunately, the developers are offering a guarantee by giving you a second month for free if you don’t make a profit in your first month and after placing 500 bets.

For more info about this tool, you can read my detailed Tradematesports review.

2# Rebelbetting – A must-have value betting software

Rebelbetting is mostly known as arbitrage betting software. They have recently launched the value betting service but given the credibility they have in the betting world, the service has become one of the most popular to value bettors.

Even though they do not cover as much as markets as other similar products they offer hundreds of potential bets every bet every day with high accuracy and speed.

They offer some very handy tools such as easy logging of bets in the BetTracker, advanced filters, and time-saving automatic bet settlement. Also, the Autosurf tool will navigate automatically to the bet slip of the requested bookmaker saving you valuable time which is always a plus in value betting where the odds are time-sensitive.

One of the most desirable features of Rebelbetting is the ability to find value bets in the sharp bookmakers which is always a plus in every value betting finder. Of course, the cost for such an offer is much higher compared to other services. The good part is the profit guarantee that Rebelbetting offers where you can get a free second month if you are not in profit after your first month.

valuebetting rebelbetting pricing

You can read more about this service in my review of Rebelbetting.

3# Betburger – For a huge variety of value bets both prematch and live

Betburger is another very popular arbitrage betting software that also offers a value betting service.

As with the arbitrage software, the value betting finder scans a huge amount of bookmakers (including local ones) and markets. That means that you will get thousands of quality bets every day. Especially for bettors from countries with many bookie restrictions, this is a very useful feature.

Another great feature is the single-click redirect to event\betslip which is a huge timesaver.

What they lack compared to the competitors is the very detailed analytical tools that are very important in value betting when analyzing your betting history and where you are betting with positive expected value (+EV) or not.

Betburger is the only value betting service that offers in-play bet recommendations. That is very handy when you are trying to avoid bookie limitations or you if you are already having a restricted account for prematch betting. The cost for that option is a little higher as shown in the image below.

betburger valuebetting pricing

Generally, the cost of Betburger is very reasonable considering the benefits of the product.

For more info about this service, you can visit my betburger review.

4# Betonvalue – A reliable and cheap value betting service

BetOnValue is a service that has been online since 2000. Except for their main surebet finder product they offer a value betting service.

One of the main advantages is the number of bets the display. They cover more than 90 bookmakers in every sport you can imagine. So you will have thousands of available bets every day. You can find bets in markets such as corners or booking which are not accessible in the other similar products. Some of the odds may be outdated but you will still have plenty of options to find the best bets for your liking.

They lack the tracking methods and the analytical tools of the other value bet finders but they offer a cheap and reliable solution to every value bettor. Plus you will get access to thousands of arbs with the same subscription.

betonvalue pricing

For more info, you can read my detailed Betonvalue review.

5# Breaking Bet – A very cheap value betting service for beginners

Last but not least is the cheapest alternative of all, Breakingbet.

Breakingbet is a relatively new addition to the value betting world but the very competitive price has made it a very viable option especially for new value bettors. The interface is also very simple to use if you are new to value betting

They have fewer arbs in comparison to the other products on the list and they also lack other useful features such as tracking, autologin to bookies, analytics, and others.

But they offer value bets for both prematch and live at extremely low prices. And the best part is that you can also get access to prematch and live arbs with the same subscription. The pricing is shown in the image below.

breakingbet price

Everyone who is serious about betting should be able to afford such a price. It will be easily covered with a few bets and if you manage to increase your bankroll you can then move on to the more advanced value bet finders in the list.

For more information about this service, you can visit my detailed BreakingBet review.

Free value betting finder – Is there any?

Unfortunatelly you will not find any reliable value betting service at no cost. Fortunatelly, all the premium value betting finders are offering some free trials or limited free access to their service.

1# Trademate

Trademate is the best value betting finder in the market and their pricing target most semi-professional or professional value bettors. They are offering a 7 days free trial plus an extra free month as a quarantee if you fail to make a profit in your first month.

2# Rebelbetting

Rebelbettingcomes second in terms of pricing. They have a very reliable service that you can try for free for 14 days. They are also offering an one free month quarantee if you are loosing after placing at least 500 bets in your first monthly subscription.

3# BetBurger

Betburger is another premium value betting software with a relatively high cost. Here you will get unlimited free access to bets with value up to 1% and with a 15-minute delay on prematch bets and 1-minute delay on live value bets. Also some functionalities are disabled. It’s a good opportunity though to test the tool as much as you want and get used to the interface before subscribing.

4# BetOnValue

BetOnValue has the best offering compared to its competitors. Although with a 20 minute delay you will still have access to bets with high potential profit. They lack the features of the other premium services but they still are a very reliable tool to try for free.

5# BreakingBet

BreakingBet does not have any free offer but with that pricing the do not need any! A 7 day subscription costs 4 euros so you can try their service at any time. With the same price you are getting access to their arbitrage bets finder so it is basicalliy inexpensive to thy them out.

Other alternatives to value betting services

Using a value betting finder is the best way to find value in the betting markets. Especially if you are a beginner it is a no-brainer as it will save you a lot of time and money since the bets that you are going to place have passed the tool filters and have some value in their odds.

But what if you do not trust such a service or if you dot want to spend money on a subscription especially for the most expensive ones?

Then there is always the option to follow a tipster with a proven record of results. There are plenty of tipsters in the betting industry so I have written an article on how to find a profitable betting tipster in order to help you choose the best one.

My service on tipstrr has been running profitably since the start of 2017. Also at you can see a history of bets through time.


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