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Social networks are a popular hotspot for betting tipster profiles. They are easy to set up and can reach huge audiences. One of the most prevalent platforms for betting tipsters is Twitter.

So, are Twitter tipsters worth checking out, and do you need to be wary with them? What are the pros and cons of following them? Let’s try to find out.

The Advantages of Following Twitter Tipsters

So, what are the advantages when working with Twitter tipsters? Since Twitter is a social network, its aspects can prove fairly useful when following betting tips.

Three advantages are the most prominent:

The tips are often completely free. This is the best thing about Twitter tipsters. Most of the time you won’t have to spend a single penny on Twitter betting tips. Their quality may sometimes be questionable, but you usually won’t be charged anything for the betting advice that you get.

There are daily updates. The nature of social networks enables Twitter tipsters to easily post their predictions whenever they want to. If you follow multiple accounts you’ll have a plethora of tips to choose from and compare their success rates.

People from the community can also participate. Another great feature of social networks is that people can comment on tips and provide their feedback and opinions. Some healthy banter and conversation between followers can provide plenty of interesting information that you can use in your tickets.

And of course, it’s more fun to bet and chat with other like-minded people in Twitter than betting alone.

What Are the Most Common Red Flags on Twitter Tipsters?

First off, we’ll start with the bad side of Twitter tipsters. After all, you’re risking your own money, and it never hurts to be extra careful.

There are many tipsters without any real betting skills, while some of them are just pure scam artists. Here’s what you should always keep in mind when looking for their advice.

Beware of Bookmaker Affiliates

The problem here is fairly simple when you dig around for a bit.

Firstly, bookmakers need to advertise their business. Their online marketing is often heavily regulated by the state and is also very expensive. They found a way to go around this issue. Bookmakers basically hire affiliates on social media. These profiles then do the marketing for them for an appropriate slice of the profits. The bookmakers don’t have to pay them as much money as they would spend on online marketing. The profits that affiliated Twitter tipsters bring with gathering new customers are more than enough to cover the expenses.

Betting tipsters on social media also offer an excellent platform for advertising. Promotion on social networks is very fast and can easily reach a huge number of people.

How Are Bookmakers’ Affiliates Paid?

So, how do Twitter tipsters earn money from being a bookmaker’s affiliate?  There’s no harm if they earn some money while giving good tips, right?

Well, the real problem starts when the bookmaker pays the affiliate with a certain percentage of all your gambling losses. It’s a simple issue, Twitter tipsters get paid by the bookmakers when you lose your bets. This brings their intentions when providing betting advice under huge suspicion. So, to sum it up, be very careful when you come across a betting tipster that is sponsored by some bookmaker.

How to spot affiliate twitter accounts?

You can easily spot these tipsters as they always advertise that they can help you turn a small amount like 10£ to 1000£ with a series of bets. That can lead to serious losses as you may end up placing big bets in order to complete the challenge. Those challenges almost never get completed and the money lost is going to the bookmakers and their Twitter affiliates.

affiliate twitter tipster

But in order to send you the tips for the challenge, you have to sign up to their bookmaker through their affiliate link. In order to do that, they lure people by promoting some sign-up bonuses and free bets with certain bookmakers.

There’s nothing wrong with getting some freebets but you have to be aware that these offers can be pretty misleading. There are some rules that you usually don’t see until you start betting with your bonus funds. There will be some differences when dealing with various bookmakers, but on average you need to rollover your starting bonus at least 10 times to be able to cash out. It will be hard to withdraw this bonus money. Its purpose is just to get you into betting.

Also most of the time the bonuses will target obscure bookmakers like 1xbet as shown in the image below. Most people are already having an account on major bookmakers like Bet365 so they are targeting unknown bookmakers to have more chances of getting new affiliate accounts.

obscure bookmaker betting offer

To sum up, there is nothing wrong with getting credited for sending informed tips as long as the intention is to help people growing their betting bank. For that reason, it is always better to follow tipsters that are free or have a proven paid service than those affiliated accounts.

For more information on that, you can read an interesting article from vice.com here.

Luring in Clients With Grand Promises

One common red flag that you can encounter when dealing with Twitter betting tipsters, is that they usually have an exaggerated introduction. They’ll describe themselves as the next big thing, the best tipster in the world, and with similar phrases.

A good betting tipster won’t have to resort to these tactics because their results speak for themselves. People will quickly spread the word about a great tipster. There won’t be much need for catchy advertising titles.

Their Record Is Unknown or Unverified

Again, it’s very easy to claim that you have a great betting record on the Internet. You can say that you made amazing amounts of money and even post fake winning tickets. That can easily be done as shown in the video below.

It’s often impossible to confirm if any of the tipster’s claims are truthful. Some of them will even make fake spreadsheets that only they can edit.

Is there any way to check if these claims are valid? You can follow their new tips for some time and check how many hits they had. The old ones may be hard to crack as they can always be altered or deleted after the bets ended.

See the image below, taken from a betting tipster account, for example. Which are the bets placed? In which markets and bookmakers? Posting random odds with a green tick and claim unverified large profits doesn’t make you a good tipster.

Fake twitter tipster claims

The Presentation and Followers

Another important sign of a bad Twitter tipster is that they glorify their wins and tone down the losses. You’ll often see them fired up after a nice hit, but after a losing bet they’ll just hide it and post nothing.

You want a tipster that spends time researching his bets and not on marketing his account.

The number of followers is also a nice indicator. If an account has a huge number of people following it, it’s more likely to be good. However, don’t rely on this too much. Always double-check your tipping advisors.

How to Spot a Good Twitter Tipster?

Of course, there are also Twitter tipsters that provide great and sound betting advice. You just need to know how to find them in the numerous offers that you’ll come across.

So, how to spot the best indicators of a good social media tipster?

Posting Free Tips

As we have seen there are hundreds of Twitter tipsters so it will be easier to trust someone if you have access to some of his tips for free.

Twitter tipsters that you never heard of are always very hard to trust, even though some of them are probably also very skilled. Free tips are the way to reach more people and if someone is sure about his betting approach he is not afraid to share some free picks with his followers.

So posting free tips is the main indicator that a Twitter tipster can be trusted.

You can find free tips from me almost every day on my Twitter account.

The Number of Followers

While a low number of followers is a common red flag when dealing with bad Twitter tipsters, a large following is a sign of a person doing a good job.

However, keep in mind that large tipsters charge more money for their services.

Engagement and Community Participation

While the number of followers is a good sign you also want to see some engagement in the account to be more sure that people are actually following this account.

It is always a good sign for a tipster to be communicating with his followers. It is also nice to see tipsters sharing the reasoning behind the tips so that the followers can have more info in their hands before placing the bets.

tweet with a reasoning behind a bet

The open discussion is one of the perks of social media and it is always a good sign to see tipsters answering questions to their followers. That way you can easily understand their betting approach.

Track tips on verifying services

Many Twitter tipsters are also sharing tips in independent 3rd party services like tipstrr or Betmarkets.

That is always a plus as the betting history of a tipster cannot be altered or hide. Such tipsters can easily be trusted as their results are verified and open for everyone to see.

You can check my tipstrr results, fully verified since 2017, here.

Screenshots of the Wagers and Tips

It is always a good sign if you can find tipsters that post images of their betslips and their selections along with the odds. That gives a little more credibility to the tipster as he is actually placing his recommended tips or that the recommended odds are actually available.

tweet with a screenshot of a betslip

Also by looking for that you can be more sure on how much accurate are the stats shared by the tipster.

Also, you want to see that tipsters are posting their losing bets. Losses in betting are inevitable and if a tipster only posts his winning bets that can be a sign that he is trying to hide something.

My advice

Transparency and trust are the key factors to establish when following social media tipster. Don’t rush in with placing bets.

It’s smart to check out the tipster’s past results before doing anything. Always make sure to do your research. Track the tips for one or two months before placing bets. You don’t only want to check the profitability only as variance may have kicked in, but also the validity of the tips and how easy are to follow them.

Reading other people’s reviews and discussions should also give you a good perspective on that particular tipster’s strength.

Also, you don’t have to tie yourself to only one Twitter tipster. You can follow multiple accounts and compare their results. After some time you can choose the best one and stick with their predictions. This process can take some time, but it gives you a lot of flexibility.

Finally, my tips on how to spot good betting tipster can also be applied to Twitter tipsters.

Now to help you even more I have conducted a list of some of the most trustable Twitter tipsters. Of course, I cannot monitor them all but this list is a good starting point. Also, this list is updated regularly whenever I find a tipster worth following.

The best Twitter tipsters

Last updated on 07/05/2021. The tipsters are places in random order.


A very honest tipster with a good record of results. Posting free tips on Twitter and Telegram. Plenty of stats are also available for free on their site. Definitely an account worth checking and following.

Tipster Robbo

Tipster Robbo is an honest guy who posts free tips on  Twitter regularly with a proven record of results. You can find more about his betting process and methodology along with his results on his site .


Pinchbet is one of the oldest Twitter tipsters providing value pre-game and live betting tips on Twitter with more than 20000 members following his account. The bet recommendations come with the available odds, the bookmakers to use, and a rating system that indicates how much value the selection has.


If you love your horse racing TipsterMetro is one of your guys. The free picks come with a detailed explanation so you can decide if you want to place them or not. Of course, picks do not only target horse racing but also other sports such as NBA, MLB, NFL, rugby union, greyhounds, darts, tennis, and football.

Sports Betting

One of the best free tipster accounts on Twitter. Free football pre-game picks are posted every day with detailed reasoning behind each selection along with the available odds. Definitely an honest account you want to be following.


Another free and honest account that knows well his horse racing. Tips are posted every day through his site. Results are also verified through tipstrr a third-party service which is always a very good sign of credibility for every betting tipster.


A free and honest account with picks based on cards and bookings. Tips are well researched and posted many hours before the event start. Definitely, an account that offers value to its followers.


One of the oldest and most respected tipsters accounts on Twitter, also the founder of the tipblock initiative. Offers a premium service but free tips with detailed explanation and stats with great value are published on the site every day. Definitely, an account that you should be following.


One of the most known tipsters on Twitter. Offers a premium service but free tips are regularly posted. Free stats with great value are also available to everyone through the site. Definitely and account worth checking and following.


Milos is an honest tipster guy on Twitter. He posts his tips for free every day with great success, especially on basketball. An account worth following as he is also tracking the performance of other Twitter tipsters so you can get a hint on who is profitable and who is not.

Sportingly Better

This is another free account focusing exclusively on football. Free bets are posted almost every day. Also at the site sportinglybetter.com, you can find a detailed explanation behind each bet.

The Gambling Panel

The gambling Panel is one of the oldest Twitter tipster accounts. Offer a relatively cheap membership but many tips are posted for free.  You can find more info on his site.

Tipster Wizard

Another very popular account with a very large following count. Works with a paid subscription but many free tips are posted for the followers. An account that offer value to anyone following.

The Daily Slate

This is a relatively new account that is quickly growing due to the transparency and honesty of the owner. Free bets on football are posted every day on a wide range of football leagues.

Sports Capitalists

Although not a traditional Twitter tipster this account provides tremendous value to ignore. Betting tips are posted for free every day on the discord channel. But the main focus of the channel is the daily fantasy sports or DFS.  It will be hard to find such DFS (all sports) and sports betting content for free.

The Booking Bible

Great value on this account which is solely focusing on card betting. Free bets are posting every day with a very detailed expanation behind them including the available odds, staking and bookmaker.


Last but not least my account. I almost daily post free tips both for live and prematch betting. The stats for the prematch bets can be found here and for the live betting here.

Other alternatives to Twitter Tipsters

If Twitter tipsters are not your thing and you want to try something with more proven results then you can try something from the following list:

1# Tipstrr

Tipstrr is a respected betting platform that has been online since 2014. The site connects tipsters and bettors who are in need of a tipping service. Here is where I verify my tipping service.

The main benefit of tipstrr is transparency. No one can alter the results as the odds are coming from the bookmakers in real-time and the results are automatically settled after the end of each event. So if you find someone that has a good record of results for many years you can be sure that this tipster has some value to add to your portfolio.

2# Betmarkets.io

Betmarkets is an innovative platform that connects betting tipsters and bettors.

The uniqueness of the platform is that you do not have to place any bets. You deposit funds to your account and allocate them to the pool of the tipsters on the site. When the selected tipster is sending a pick, the bet is placed on behalf of you by betmarkets in their betting partners based on the predefined staking plan.

In general, Betmarkets provides a solution to every possible problem that you can face when following tipsters. From bookie limitation to bet tracking and transparency, all these are solved.

3# Betaminic

Betaminic is a site that helps you to create winning betting strategies or copy proved strategies from other members with the help of big data.

By comparing past results Betaminic helps you find patterns that have worked in the past. You can create your own strategies or you can follow others in the Public strategies section.

The profits of the winning strategies are calculated with the Pinnacle closing odds which is always a plus for long-term profitability without worrying about getting gubbed by the bookmakers. The picks are 100% transparent and easily accessible to everyone.

What I like about Betaminic is that it is not the typical tipping service but it also enables you to create your own strategies. Getting access to this huge database of stats for free makes Betaminic a must-have tool for everyone who wants to gets involved in sports betting.

4# SmartBettingClub

Smartbttingclub is a respected betting community that has been around since 2006. Their main focus is to identify profitable betting tipsters and they provide their findings to their susbcribers.

Their tipster reviews are 100% independent and not affiliated and for less than 10 pounds per month you may found some good tipsters in their database.

For more information, you can read my article on which is the best betting tipster service.

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